Traditional Sindhi Clothing

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Dress is body clothing of humans and it develops in different environments, different areas according to the economic facilities available over a long period. Traditions, culture, and at times, emulated with religion like the one the long robs of Arabs. As Sindh is known as Bab ul Islam and it was concurred by Mohammed bin Qasim an Arab man that is why the culture of Sindh is influenced by the Arab culture and Sindhi dress shows the sing of that influence as their dresses are respectively long with designing on them.

Sindhi dress

The dresses of all the provinces of Pakistan are quiet graceful and beautiful but the Sindhi dress is gaining popularity due to the use of vibrant colors and the hard work behind every piece of cloth. Ajrak is a major and most popular part of Sindhi dress. Women wear long and loose frocks and men wears shalwar and kameez with Ajrak on their shoulders and a cap also. Kameez (shirt) of the men wear is respectively short and the shalwar is heavy due to its large ghair. Ladies of Sindh love to wear a heavy suit that is why their suites are full with karhai (embroidery) and mirror work.  Karhai is done by hand and it takes weeks to complete a single sindhi dress and sometimes a single side of the dress. Their duppatas (veil) are also full of embroidery, which makes them a bit heavier that helps them to carry on head without any support. These dresses are gaining popularity internationally and the international designers are mixing this piece of art with their designs and getting a high price for their work. On the other hand, the original hard workers get just enough to pay the price of their bread for some days.

sindhi ajrak, topi.jpg

Ajrak and caps are also the influence of Arabs. Ajrak, which is demanded in the whole world, is prepared in many stages. From its coloring to designing, every step is done by hands. The base color of Ajrak may change with the areas. In some areas black and in some areas red or blue colors are used as base. The Ajrak consists of four colors, white, red, Black and Blue. For designing, about 144 stamps are used. Ajrak, as a sindhi dress, is used as a multipurpose cloth like it is used as the dead body covering of the closed ones (not as kafan), for the brides as a gift etc.

ajrak and sindhi topi

The caps of men, which are quiet popular due to the mirror work and the thread work, its colors are also quiet vibrant and attractive.

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