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Cancellation Policy


This document describes conditions and fees applicable for order cancellation on Fare Price Shop as at (dd/mm/yyyy)

Cancellation policy/Customers

Once your order has been processed, please note that the order cancellation offer may not be applicable. Since sellers make handcrafted items, irreversible fees, time, and efforts are incurred, and as such, cancellation is out of the question.

Nonetheless, for already shipped orders that do not align with your specifications, please refer to the return and refund policy.

In addition, Fare Price Shop is not responsible for the seller – each seller has their unique cancellation policy for your perusal. However, if you meet the Seller's cancellation requirements and the seller fails to meet up on their end, reach out to us via the appropriate channels for further investigation. We will open a dispute, which the seller must respond to within 3 business days. If the seller is found to deviate from the policies and conditions indicated on their unique stores, or perhaps, they fail to respond, Fare Price Shop can terminate their accounts, charge the seller's card on file and refund the customer. Besides, The seller will also be charged any fees incurred during this process - up to 15% of the sale.

Cancellation policy/Sellers

Every seller is mandated to accept cancellations that adhere to policies, conditions, and terms available on their unique stores, as at the time of the relevant order. In essence, sellers must abide by whatever cancellation policy indicated on their stores, and failure to do this can result in:
  • Account termination – note that membership fees are not refundable even in this condition.
  • Charging the sellers card on file to provide a full refund to the relevant customer
  • Charging the seller of fees incurred during this process - which could go as high as 15% of the sales in question.

Furthermore, please be aware that sellers have 3 business days to respond to Fare Price Shop disputes. Failure to do will result in an automatic refund to the customer and termination of the account will be the ultimate outcome.

General cancellation constraints

  • This order cancellation policy is applicable when customers cancel part or all of a particular order(s) pre-processing.
  • Orders canceled following product shipment are deemed as “Return” and as such, for applicable conditions and fees, please do well to refer to the refund and return policy
  • Order cancellation fees or other relevant fees may be applicable for orders refused at delivery. Again, please be aware that a cancellation request does not guarantee order cancellation.