Golden Grass Jewelry

Brazilian Golden Grass Jewelry

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What is Golden Grass

The Brazilian gold that grows abundantly in Jalapão, state of Tocantins has been quite recently discovered by the jewelry industry. It is environment-friendly, vegan-friendly and pet-friendly. Handmade beautiful jewelry pieces such as earrings, necklace, rings, bracelets and other accessories are waiting to be now discovered by you! They will look beautiful on the sun-kissed skin, highlight the summer tan and attract attention. They are an amazing and original complement to any summer outfit.

What Is Golden Grass Jewelry

Golden grass is an English name for Capim Dourado. This Brazilian jewelry made of golden grass plant is unique. You will find the golden grass plant only in the state of Tocantins. Check out our web content and join the wide group of our satisfied customers. If you want to know what is Brazilian gold jewelry, see all the handmade golden grass jewelry products we offer and choose the one you like most. If you love original accessories – there is no better place you could possibly be at. Golden grass Brazilian jewelry is a great accessory to travel with. It will not beep at the airports while taking any of your flights. Brazilian vegan and pet-friendly handicrafts are conquering the world.

Brazilian Jewelry and Accessories

Golden grass, or Capim Dourado, jewelry and accessories are becoming more and more appreciated worldwide. Still, they are quite a niche handmade products produced (or rather crafted) only in Jalapão, the state of Tocantins in Brazil. Braided bracelets, dangling earrings, round earrings, flower shape, spiral shape pieces of jewelry, necklaces, rings with decorative stones and golden chains will make any girl and woman happy. They are very original summer accessories.

Where Is Located

Where is it on the map? Search for South America. It is in the Brazilian interior. It is a beautiful place to travel to, full of amazing hotels and restaurants with great reviews on the TripAdvisor. One of the best experiences at this address is a visit to the amazing State Park of Jalapão. Any photo from that place is breathtaking. If you are looking for holiday travel ideas and are tired or reading thousands of review content at travel forums there is no better destination you should head to. If you search for a real experience, far away from popular touristic destinations, there is no better choice. Search for flights at a good price, check out the restaurants you want to visit, book a tour in the Jalapão State Park. Next holiday, the state of Tocantins should be your travel destination! Come to the Capim Dourado centre, the place where these amazing plants have their origin. Friendly people, cheap vacation rentals, good holiday deals. Visit the city of Palmas or Paraiso de Tocantins (the Tocantins Paradise city). The jewelry made in Brazil is waiting for you!

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