All About Demand and Supply

The theory of demand and supply is one of the foundational principles of economics, providing insights into how markets work and how prices are determined. It serves as the backbone for analyzing various economic phenomena, guiding policymakers, businesses, and individuals in making rational decisions. This theory highlights the relationship between the demand for goods and […]

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Latest Trends In Garments Industry

With technology advancing at an unprecedented rate in recent years, the changes in the manufacturing industry have been compared to the Industrial Revolution that impacted the Western world in the 1800s. Fashion, of course, has not been an exception; in fact, some of the most exciting innovations have come from fashion production manufacturing, which has […]

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Jewellery Manufacturing Process

STEP 1 – DESIGNING The process of jewellery making is no less than a magic! This entire process of the jewellery designing involves lots of steps like designing, model making to the final step of quality check. Creating a design is the first step which is involved in the process of jewellery making. The designing […]

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